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Welcome to the Forum!
Anna: No :P Apr 29, 2013 20:50:11 GMT
Amanda: Q10 How do we think McLaren will be from now on Apr 29, 2013 20:56:53 GMT
Amanda: Better :D Apr 29, 2013 20:56:54 GMT
Anna: More of the same me thinks Apr 29, 2013 20:57:03 GMT
Amanda: I'm off to bed, hope to talk to you more tomorrow :) night xxxx May 30, 2013 0:06:03 GMT
Rick: We are getting a lot of visitors lately. Hello out there! Jul 5, 2013 1:20:49 GMT
Anna: My holiday ends on Saturday :( back at work on Sunday! Where did the two weeks go?! Plus meant to be up early tomorrow yet still awake at 2am :D Jul 12, 2013 0:51:59 GMT
Amanda: Good luck at work tomorrow xxx sorry to hear the holiday is over! Do you still have any time off left this year? Jul 13, 2013 22:21:34 GMT
Anna: I have one week left :( in November. It was like working in a oven breathing in hot air :( Jul 15, 2013 10:01:01 GMT
Lucius: When are you working this week? I might surprise you and show up in the shop :P Jul 17, 2013 19:07:13 GMT
Anna: Well I was working today. Working Tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday... Off Wednesday then in Thursday and Friday! Jul 17, 2013 21:46:04 GMT
Amanda: So who watched the show live last night?! Aug 5, 2013 11:36:42 GMT
Lucius: I did. Though it was a waste of time. Should have had a proper interview with Matt/Moff, not used a load of floating heads just had past companions and Doctors and introduced the new Doctor half way through so he could have a proper interview Aug 5, 2013 11:46:08 GMT
Lucius: You still about ? Jan 31, 2014 22:11:46 GMT
Anna: Yep why> Jan 31, 2014 22:39:22 GMT
Anna: This is the only day I've got off someone talk to me :P Oct 20, 2014 11:08:17 GMT
Amanda: Hello my dear and how are you? Oct 20, 2014 13:57:32 GMT
Anna: I'm good :) just a bit bored really. As I said its my only day off and I've spent most of it staring at the walls wishing there was something to do! Oct 20, 2014 14:03:38 GMT
Amanda: Come watch Doctor Who with me then :) Oct 20, 2014 14:34:57 GMT
Amanda: Hey buddies! I will not be watching Gotham tonight but if anyone wants to watch it with me tomorrow morning I'll be around :) Nov 24, 2014 20:32:21 GMT
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